There are often opportunities to work in the lab, including a three-year PhD degree and various one-year Masters degrees.

Postgraduate Study

Postgraduate students working in the Face Research Lab regularly publish their work in leading scientific journals and present at conferences all over the world. Students who have graduated from our lab have all gone on to secure full-time positions at prestigious universities, including Oxford University (UK), Durham University (UK), Penn State University (USA), Warwick University (UK) and McMaster University (Canada).

If you are interested in finding out more about study opportunities in the Face Research Lab, please contact Lisa DeBruine.

Face Research Lab 2016 Face Research Lab 2016: Amanda Rotella's goodbye party.
Face Research Lab 2014 Face Research Lab 2014: On the way to HBES Brazil.
Paintball 2010 Paintball 2010: the Face Research Lab versus the Perception Lab.

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