Iris Holzleitner (ERC Postdoc) How do humans recognise kin?

My recent research has focused on how 3D face shape can be quantified, visualised and manipulated to investigate how shape cues affect social perception. Within the ERC-funded project “How do humans recognise kin?”, I am working on a data-driven model of facial family resemblance to investigate how facial cues to kinship affect prosocial and sexual attitudes.

I completed my PhD in Psychology at the University of St Andrews, under the supervision of Prof. Dave Perrett. During my undergraduate and master studies in Biology, I was working in the Human Behaviour Research Group at the University of Vienna.


Scientific Journal Articles


  1. C Han, M Kandrik, AC Hahn, C Fisher, DR Feinberg, IJ Holzleitner, LM DeBruine & BC Jones (2017). Interrelationships among menís threat potential, facial dominance, and vocal dominance. Evolutionary Psychology, 15(1): 1-4. doi: 10.1177/1474704917697332 [abstract»»]

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