Sarah Alharbi (PhD) Emotion recognition

Scientific Journal Articles


  1. Alharbi S & Jones BC (preprint). Do facial cues of body weight influence perceptions of happy and sad facial expressions? Evidence from an Arab sample. PsyArXiv . doi: 10.31234/ [preprint] [data] [abstract»»]
  2. 2021

  3. Alharbi S, Holzleitner IJ, Lee A, Saribay SA & Jones BC (2021). Facial masculinity increases perceptions of men's age, but not perceptions of their health: Data from an Arab sample. Evolutionary Psychological Science, 7: 184-188. doi: 10.1007/s40806-020-00263-9 [data] [preprint] [abstract»»]
  4. 2020

  5. Alharbi S, Button K, Bagshaw A, Zhang L, O'Shea KJ, Fasolt V, Lee A, DeBruine LM & Jones BC (2020). Are affective factors related to individual differences in facial expression recognition? Royal Society Open Science, 7(9): . doi: 10.1098/rsos.190699 [preprint] [prereg] [data] [abstract»»]
  6. Alharbi S, Holzleitner IJ, Lee A, Saribay SA & Jones BC (2020). Women's preferences for sexual dimorphism in faces: Data from a sample of Arab women. Evolutionary Psychological Science . doi: 10.1007/s40806-020-00244-y [preprint] [data] [abstract»»]

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