Law Smith MJ, Deady DK, DeBruine LM, Jones BC, Lawson J, Feinberg DR, Cornwell RE, Stirrat MR & Perrett DI (2006). Height in women predicts maternal tendencies and career orientation: A replication across cultures. Human Behavior and Evolution Society in Philadelphia, PA USA. June 2006.

Previous research has shown that in women increased height related to decreased maternal tendencies and increased career orientation (Deady & Law Smith, 2006, Personality and Individual Differences). The current study aimed to test this across multiple countries using data collected from women in an online questionnaire hosted by the BBC website (n>70,000). As predicted, in pre-reproductive women (aged 20-29), increased height related to decreased maternal tendencies (ideal number of children, ideal age at first child) and increased career orientation (importance of having a career). In post-reproductive women (aged over 45), increased height related to decreased reproductive events (fewer children, had first child at older age). Results provide further support for the idea that stature is a measure of physical masculinisation, which is reliably associated with psychological masculinisation in women.

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