Vukovic J, Feinberg DR, Jones BC, DeBruine LM, Welling LLM, Little AC & Smith FG (2008). Self-rated attractiveness influences women's preferences for masculine men's voices. Human Behavior and Evolution Society in Kyoto University, Japan. June 2008.

Masculine physical traits may signal men’s genotypic condition and are associated with indices of men’s reproductive fitness. We show that preferences for masculine pitch in men’s voices are positively related to self-rated attractiveness among women who are not using hormonal contraceptives. This relationship between masculinity preferences and self-rated attractiveness occurred when women judged the attractiveness of men’s voices that were played forward, but was not present when women judged the attractiveness of men’s voices played backward. Such variation in women’s preferences for masculinized men’s voices may be adaptive if attractive women are better able to attract or retain masculine mates. No significant relationships between preferences for masculinized men’s voices and self-rated attractiveness occurred among women using hormonal contraceptives, complementing previous studies in which potentially adaptive variation in masculinity preferences was also absent among women using hormonal contraceptives.

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