Fraccaro PJ, Jones BC, Vukovic J, Smith FG, Watkins CD, Feinberg DR, Little AC & DeBruine LM (2010). Women's voice pitch changes when viewing attractive men. Human Behavior and Evolution Society in Eugene, Oregon. June 2010.

Although humans can raise and lower their voice pitch, it is not known whether such alterations can function to increase the likelihood of attracting preferred mates. Because men find higher-pitched women‘s voices more attractive, the voice pitch with which women speak to men may depend on the strength of their attraction to those men. We tested this prediction by measuring voice pitch when women left voicemail messages for men with masculinized and feminized faces. We found that the difference in women‘s voice pitch between these conditions correlated with the strength of their preference for the masculinized versus feminized faces, whereby women tended to speak with a higher voice pitch to the face they found more attractive. Speaking with a higher voice pitch when talking to men they wish to attract may function to reduce the amount of mating effort that women expend in order to attract and retain preferred mates.

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