O'Shea KJ, Holzleitner IJ, Fasolt V, Lee A, Jones BC & DeBruine LM (2017). Do Kinship Cues Influence Prosocial Behavior in the Ultimatum Game? Human Behavior and Evolution Society in Boise, Idaho. May 2017.

Inclusive Fitness Theory predicts that many social behaviours will be influenced by relatedness, but does not predict which specific kinship cues may be used as a proxy for genetic relatedness. Here we report preliminary data from an ongoing study where we measured altruistic and reciprocal behavior between pairs of participants who played a version of the Ultimatum Game. Pairs were given 10 "lab coins" and asked to decide how many coins they wished to give to their partner. The game was modified so that all responses and allocations were made before the other player’s decisions were revealed. Participants were rewarded with real money at the end of the experiment. We will report exploratory analyses of the relationship between various potential cues of kinship and behavior in this game for pairs of siblings versus pairs of unrelated friends.

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